Storing Your Canvas Paintings for Short-Term or Long-Term Without Devaluing Them


Storing canvas painting in the right way is the most important thing that protects your painting from chipping, cracks, and dust. This works especially if you are storing them for short or long-term.

You can’t just pack the painting with a simple sheet of newsprint and keep it aside. It needs specific conditions to ensure that the painting, canvas, and frame do not undergo any kind of damage.

Buying a piece of good artwork

Most of us cannot afford to buy some of the classic masterpieces. So, buying beautiful artworks of some reputed experienced artists like Lana Zueva is mostly preferred. Lana’s artworks include painting in many ways while she adjusts the pigments and creates unique paintings every time. She finds endless possibilities for creating unique masterpieces with her style of painting.

Being a painting artist Lana Zueva seeks inspiration in everything that makes her paint many art styles like portraits, botanical, still-life, florals, animals, and landscapes. She enjoys painting all and feels that art is just like magic.

She has also been participating in exhibitions like the Annual 2021 Landscape Art exhibition and offering commission works for her customers. She has competed in Gold Coast Show 2021 with her portrait artwork “Sunny Bunny” which received a Highly Commended award.

If you have a collection of exquisite canvas oil paintings like the ones from Lana Zueva that you need to store for the short or long term, then this guide can give you some crucial advice on how to store your paintings without devaluing them.

Risks with handling fine artwork

  • Breakages, loose and missing parts, tearing, impacts, smudges
  • Fingerprint marks on the polished surfaces
  • Stains and marks due to eating, smoking, cosmetics, domestic chemicals

Packing the painting safely

  • Ensure to get good and proper packing materials for your oil paintings
  • Wrap them in plastic to keep them clean and protect the finish
  • Use a custom-sized Styrofoam so that the painting is safe and snug
  • Place the Styrofoam-packed artwork into a cardboard box that fits snugly.
  • Fill any space with crumpled papers and a bubble pack to avoid bouncing and jerking
  • Use a packing tape to seal the box
  • Avoid peanuts or any other packing material that can smash or settle with time.

Storing the painting

  • Avoid storing the paintings in a basement or attic with dry or damp surroundings
  • Choose someplace with consistent temperature and less humidity
  • Store it away from humidity as it can force the multiple layers of paint to expand and contract thus, loosening the canvas
  • Avoid storing the paintings on top of each other
  • If you need to lay them flat, use a rack to keep the paintings off the ground and away from each other
  • Keep paintings away from direct sunlight and sudden temperature fluctuations
  • Keep a check on the paintings if you are keeping them in storage for signs of rodents or moisture.

A climate-controlled storage unit can be the right choice as they protect oil paintings from temperature fluctuations and gives you peace of mind that your paintings are safe and protected.