Importance of a Professional Photography in Advertising and Marketing

Selling goods and services involves a lot of marketing and advertising. This applies to municipal governments, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions in addition to businesses.

Imagery can serve a variety of purposes, such as capturing the attention of potential customers, clarifying ideas, boosting the appeal of a good or service, or just putting an idea together.

Strong photos in advertising can make the difference between an advertisement being simply “good” and one being really effective, but it is frequently the component of your campaign that will last.

Have you ever heard the name Lisa Saad? She is a Melbourne-based multi-awarded commercial and advertising photographer, and also a director of photography. She has done a commendable job in her Anonymous Man Collection project.

Lisa Saad’s latest series, the Project 11 Collection, features boys and girls 11 years old she has photographed from different angles to show how their body starts changing before they enter their teenage.

Although taking a photo is not a big deal nowadays as everyone has got their smartphone with a built-in camera and one can click almost anything and anywhere.

But still, there must be some good reason why people prefer to hire a professional photographer for their wedding day. That is because they can capture all of those special moments so vividly that you can remember them for years to come.


How photography can be used in advertising and marketing?

A strong use of photographs can unify the entire advertising theme. Stock photography can have a place in marketing and advertising now, but it can also create the impression that the good or service is not really original.

Because they have no real impact, poor photo and image use can undermine or end a campaign. The impact can be produced using photography.

Just keep in mind that we receive plenty of marketing messages. About 500 advertisements were shown to us daily in the 1970s, compared to as many as 5,000 today.

Consumers can only focus on brochures and advertising materials for a little period of time before tossing them aside and moving on to the next item due to this constant bombardment. 

After that, whether it was published in print or online, it will be discarded. Here, excellent pictures can really make a difference and add extra time for “a good read.”

A competent professional photographer will create stunning photos that are specific to your company. Since only you will possess them, they will be special.

But maybe more significantly, there will be pictures of you and your company. If done correctly, they will assist in differentiating your goods and services from those of your rivals. They can be modified to reflect your brand, allowing you to target the ideal clients.

A few other benefits of any professional photography include:

  • It will be more relevant
  • Cohesive aesthetics
  • Authentically showcase your product and brand
  • Repurpose photos across platforms
  • Creates relatability and relevancy for your audience
  • Visual storytelling

Lisa Saad Photographer has an Instagram profile that you can always get in touch with her if interested.