What You Need To Be Aware of While Buying A Hydrogen Bottle

When we buy a water bottle, we usually do not think much and pick up something that is easy for us to get. However, what we forget is that it may affect our life in the future.

Plastic is a big no for everything. So, when it comes to choosing a plastic water bottle, we need to understand that plastic contains BPA which causes health problems. So, even if you use single-use plastic bottles, you are still exposing yourself to problems that may harm your body. Hence, it is important that you choose water bottles carefully to avoid any health problems.

There are recent studies that have shown that hydrogen water can provide many health benefits like enhancing athletic performance, slowing the aging process, reducing your belly fat, and helping reduce inflammation in your body. This is because more hydrogen in your water means lower ORP. Lower ORP means more antioxidants in your water. Therefore, hydrogen water is the safest water for us.

The easiest and safest way to use hydrogen water is with the help of a Piurify water generator. This is one of the best alkaline water filter jugs made of a modern, sturdy design that infuses hydrogen gas into your drinking water. You can visit the site piurify.com for more details on them.

Reasons why water bottles need to be carefully chosen:

  • There are many single-use plastics that are used and thrown away, which are causing a lot of plastic pollution in our environment. You can find landfills all filled up with single-use water bottles, which are going to be worse for the surroundings and oceans too.
  • If you use steel bottles or glass bottles and carry them wherever you go, then you are reducing your chances of getting dehydrated. Also, this is lowering the risk of BPA entering your body.
  • When you are using your own bottles, then you are the one filling up the bottles. So there are chances that you will fill up only filtered water rather than tap water. This means that you are reducing the chances of drinking unhygienic water that contains foreign pathogens.
  • Buying a water bottle every day means you are spending too much on it. So buying a reusable water bottle is much better and it will save you money.
  • It is always better than a reusable bottle would last longer compared to those single-usage plastic bottles.
  • Plastic bottles are not so appealing too but reusable bottles come in different colors and shapes that make them more attractive than others.
  • People being so busy always find it difficult to track the amount of water consumed. But keeping the reusable bottles right in front of you will make it possible for you to track them as and when required.
  • Glass bottles are gaining a lot of popularity as it is safe but the only disadvantage is they can break very easily. Metal water bottles are nowadays available in different shapes, colors, and patterns making it appealing for people to buy them.
  • Copper bottles are said to have many health benefits as it is helpful to balance the three doshas in your body.


As you have a lot of options that are much better than plastic bottles, it is wiser to use them rather than plastic bottles.